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Why Zero Waste

"Opportunities at Clearview City Center will be endless - with natural amenities, visual streetscapes, festivals, food trucks, farmers markets, office towers, restaurants, nightlife, and more all part of the vision for this project." 

Thomas Richards, Managing Partner of Clearview City Center

About the Redevelopment

Clearview City Center is a triumph of culture and offers a retail renaissance for Louisiana. Seated in the heart of our nation’s most vibrant, celebrated cultural core, Clearview City Center is positioned between the New Orleans Metropolitan area’s major population centers. It is poised to serve a growing gap in the region’s retail marketplace and become the activated entertainment and hospitality district that’s right (ideal) for the Metro area right now.


Experience the NEW VIEW where a curated collection of retailers offers a hybrid shopping experience for locals and visitors. Clearview City Center is an iconic cosmopolitan destination that will feature open-air retail, a diverse collection of food options from fast casual to elegant eateries, open green spaces with lush gardens, nightlife and entertainment, world-class medical facilities, luxury
apartments, state-of-the-art office spaces, and much more. Clearview City Center celebrates expression, art, and culture, with an offering for every pocketbook and every style.

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